Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Not the inspiration I wanted to be

I had a whole post prepared about the Levenger catalog and how much I love it even though I haven't purchased anything from them in years. Although, come to think of it, I need to buy refill paper for my circa notebook. Anywho, something else came up.

A friend of mine who is having trouble with her significant other said to me, "You were my inspiration this weekend." How so? She said, "because you don't have a boyfriend but you're okay with it. You have your crafts and your friends." She said other things but my brain was screaming, "What the f...?" so I missed most of it. She thinks I'm happy being single and dirt poor, sitting at home without cable TV, without a good heat system, knitting and all but a cat lady if it weren't for my cat allergies? Seriously? What the ??

I know she meant it as a compliment. She feels I'm a strong woman who is able to be happy without a man to complete her. I guess I'm a good actress. I wouldn't say I'm particularly happy. I'm not particularly sad, either. I just am. I would like to have a someone. I would like to have a social life. I would like to have cable TV, a better car, and a digital camera, too. But I'm not going to wallow in what's missing in my life. I just have to live it as best as I can, be happy in the little things, and carry on.

As for my Mitzvah today, well, it was more for me than from me. One of our off site guys brought me a package of ham that came with the Treasure Box because his family doesn't eat pork and he threw in a box of Stove Top stuffing to go with it.


Annika said...

But that's just what I find inspiring about you--you know what's missing (or would at least be nice) but you don't wallow, and you're still generous and kind.

woolanthropy said...

You are just a damn fine person. Plus, in my book, you get major bonus points for not wallowing over the lack of cable.

Ham and a box of stuffing...that sounds like the makings of a feast! And then some yummy soup.

Ellen Bloom said...

Yes, Laurie Ann, I agree with Annika and are a fine person. You definitely know how to make lemonade from lemons!! Cliche', but so true!

Yummm...ham AND stuffing...what a nice gift! All you need now is some green beans for a perfect meal!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I know she meant it as a compliment, and that's totally how you should take it. I know people that have S.O.s, expendable income, nice cars, and HBO, and they are miserable f*cks that I wouldn't want to be around. I certainly wouldn't visit their blogs so I can be entertained and enlightened. You just have that *je ne sais quoi* that makes life a little brighter, mon petite chou (I'm feeling very continental today)...