Friday, December 11, 2009

Strange Holiday Giving

We have a vendor with whom we do a lot of business, like we could buy several BMWs with the business we do. They are a great company and always support our fall fundraiser, but every Christmas, they send us a loaf of bread. Just one. It's a hearty pumpernickel about the size of one and a half regulation footballs. It's kind of our running joke. Not that we don't appreciate any and all gifts we receive, but really? A loaf of bread?

I was at the front desk when it was delivered. I called our supplies gal and cried, "Hey, the bread arrived!!" She laughed and said, "I'd better come claim it right away." After the required football jokes ("Go long!") we cut it up and those who wanted it took away giant chunks in plastic bags. It really is a good bread, but what a peculiar gift.

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