Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hamid saves the day...OR NOT

Pay day!!! I love those two words.

Late last night, I renewed my AAA membership online and searched my apartment for my new card, which they inexplicably send to you BEFORE you actually renew. It took me an hour (or more) to find the new card. I think someone needs to clean my apartment.

Today, I called AAA bright and early and told them, "I need someone to come out here and jump me. Oh, and my battery's dead, too." (rimshot) Did you know that the AAA guys carry brand new batteries with them? And that they'll change the battery right there on the street?? I did not. I told Hamid, the gentleman who came to my rescue, that I also needed the bolt/bracket thingy that holds the battery in place. Hamid said that item is a dealership kind of part and that they'd probably have to order it. Then he said, "I have an old, wrecked VW back at the shop. I'll see if it has the bracket you need. If it does, I'll give you a call and maybe I can come out in a few days and install it for you." Isn't that sweet? And I'm not even wearing the good bra today.

He also discovered the reason Jamie's old battery drained. The brake light is sticking again. I think it was a recall item. I'm going to look that up. Is there a time limit on fixing recalled items? Anyway, it shouldn't cost much to fix if it's not. I'm sure my buddy Max, the German Car King, can hook me up.

Updated at 10:10pm--
So, when we discovered the brake light was still on, Hamid jiggled a wire up under the brake pedal and it went off. Hooray! I did the same thing with my foot a few weeks ago when I noticed the light stuck. What I didn't realize until I was on my way home and nearly got rear ended was that that jiggle knocked out my brake lights completely. Wonderful!! I don't have time to get it fixed in the morning, so keep your fingers crossed that I make it out alive tomorrow.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Gurrrl, be careful. With the way these nutsos drive, I feel like my brake lights are out all the time (they're not). With your lights really being out... {{shudder}}

Good man, Hamid. I hope he calls.