Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Never pass up the opportunity

I had an unproductive day yesterday at work. Between running errands and being pulled this way and that, I never got to the tasks at hand. I resolved to make up for it today. But I woke up late and when I got to work, I went straight into a meeting. After the meeting, I went out to lunch with the boss, then covered the front, then...well, the day was pretty much lost. A group of us had an impromptu happy hour where I had too much wine, then I went back to my office to get out a few emails before heading home.

As I stood on the corner of Crenshaw & Olympic waiting to cross the street to catch my second bus, I noticed glass in the street from an accident, glass that wasn't there this morning when I crossed the same intersection. I followed the trail of glass up onto the sidewalk, which is when I saw the indentation in the pole for the traffic signal. It was quite a dent, too. The car hit it good. A car horn sounded turning my attention back to the street where I saw the thick black skid marks from the accident. They came from the north side of Crenshaw diagonally across the intersection right up onto the corner where I was standing. In fact, I was standing exacting between the two tire tracks. Had anyone been standing there when the car came through, they'd have been hit for sure and judging from the dent in the pole, probably dead.

Maybe it was the wine or the unbearably long wait for the 210 bus but I started thinking about the fragility of life and how a person could just be standing on the corner one minute and the next, pfft. So, instead of stressing out about all the work I didn't get done over the past two days, I'm going to be glad that I accepted the lunch invitation and the wine invitation and I'll accept more invitations. Because you never know.

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Ellen Bloom said...

I totally AGREE! When someone asks you out to lunch, you have an obligation to go and enjoy yourself!!!

Glad YOU weren't standing on that corner when the errant car came by!