Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sam--my favorite mood-altering drug

Since I didn't have to work today, Annika kindly said I could come visit with her and Sam. I woke up feeling scratchy of throat but otherwise okay. To be safe, I called first to make sure she was okay with my germs coming to call. She was! Hooray!

Sam was more than happy to have a new toy to play with, since his mom is very pregnant and not so much with the climbing. He climbed, I flipped him--over and over. Then we put our heads in a box (don't ask), played ping pong with maracas and a balloon, and generally just played whatever game came to Sam's mind. I had a great time and left with a light heart and generous spirit. It reminded me of a time when Sammy was just a baby. It was Thursday and I was on my way to the WeHo Stitch n Bitch. Traffic was a nightmare, and parking at the Farmer's Market made me want to commit murder. I stormed upstairs to see my knittahs in such a foul mood I didn't even feel like knitting. Then I saw Annika, Will and Sam. I put my arms out and stole Sam from his father's arms and in minutes that adorable redhead and his beautiful smile made all the bad stuff melt away. I mean, how can you be in a bad mood with this face around?
But what about Annika you say? We had a good time, too. We crafted (I finished a mitten; she finished a Christmas present), ate cookies, talked and talked, checked get the idea. It was certainly better than working. Thanks, Annika!

Photo borrowed from Annika's blog.

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