Monday, April 06, 2009

Back to work kicking and screaming

The first day back to work is always a drag. Plus, it was our receptionist's birthday and since I'm the one who keeps track of those things, no one knew about it. Rats! We made up for it late in the day, but the poor thing was probably hurt. We missed her birthday last year, too.

I developed a rash on my left arm, along with a driver's tan, from all the sunshine last week. The rash stretches from my wrist to my upper arm just below the yarn tattoo and it ITCHES LIKE A MOFO! Oh My God, it itches. I've put lotions on it, but sometime around 2pm I was dying to scratch. I didn't scratch, per se,* but I washed it vigorously and it felt goooood.

The Roy arrives on Wednesday and the place is a mess. Okay, not as much of a mess as it was before Lisi arrived, but I have to clean my room so The Roy and the Dark Mistress Hawthorne can sleep in there. However, I had to run an errand after work today and I'll have to stay late tomorrow to finish the month's worth of filing I have to do. So, when will I clean? Hmm, we'll see.

*Slack Mistress totally just pointed out the correct spelling for this on BetheMarriage this evening and I was all "oh, who doesn't know that?" and then, while rereading this post (I do that sometimes) I found that I had misspelled it. Oops! I hope Nina wasn't talking about me. :( I fixed it.

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Ellen Bloom said...

I know you love your relatives, but what is your place, anyway....Vacation Central?

Will you be able to take time off from work when Roy visits?