Friday, April 17, 2009

I love a good Friday

Yesterday I had zero ambition to do any of my required work until about 5:30 when I realized the boss would be mighty pissed if she came in and nothing was done. So I stayed until 7:30ish to finish up some things and then home to wrestle with my antenna and try to watch some quality television. Have you seen this show "Southland"? Last night's episode featured a robbery at a liquor store filmed at the corner of Fountain and Cherokee, and a baby abandoned at the No-tell Motel (aka Hollywood Center Motel) on Sunset Blvd. Both incidents occurred just a few blocks from my house. Yes, I realized these are fictionalized events but do I need the family back home to watch this and say, "Hey, that's where Laurie lives." It's bad enough my mother watches "Cops" to see if she can see Jamie in one of the high speed chases. (My mom--gotta love her.) I want to ask one of my LAPD friends what they think of the show. I also watched "The Office" for the first time in a very long time. If you're keeping score at home, you'll notice that these shows are on NBC, which comes in just fine now that I'm not trying to watch my friend's band on Leno.
The boss is in a good mood (especially since I did some work yesterday) and had the brilliant idea to order salads from Loose Leaf. That's why she's the boss. My salad was gigantic and delicious. Plus, it's beautiful outside and I actually enjoyed running this errand.
Now, I'm off to the deep recesses of the valley; wish me luck. I have plenty of water, but just to be safe, I'll drink only when necessary and stay in the shaded areas.


woolanthropy said...

Good luck on that Valley trek. I hope it's for something good, like yarn!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Ew. The Valley, huh? I think the last time I was out there was to visit Unwind (definitely worth the trip), if that counts. Is Burbank in the The Valley?

What did you think of Southland? It was a little uneven for me. Way better than the Unusuals, tho, that took over for Life on Mars, which I had grown to LOVE.

(Yes, I watch way too much t.v.)