Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blue Peen

The Roy and Jess met me at work today so we could head over to West Adams to see the Fisher House from "Six Feet Under." I haven't seen the series (no cable, remember?) but the house is lovely. Jess felt a little silly taking pictures but I'm sure they're used to it. Afterward, we headed to Vons for Roy's magic burrito fixings. For a white boy from Pennsylvania, they were some pretty great burritos, even if I did have an asthma attack from just the vapors of the chilis.

Finally, we capped the night off by watching "The Watchmen" at the Arclight. I never read the graphic novel but a friend at work told me enough about it for me to have an idea of the premise. Plus all the reviews talked about Dr. Manhattans full frontal nudity and who doesn't want to see a big blue penis? Boy Howdy, it didn't disappoint. Yes, I'm sure it was all CGI, but there sure was a whole lot of blue peen throughout the film. I'll never look at Smurfs the same again.

[this totally counts as April 10th's post because I haven't gone to bed yet]

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Oh, my. That's more penis (blue or otherwise) than I've seen in a LONG time (get it? LONG!)