Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Settling (and general ramblings)

Remember on Sunday when I wanted the Dilly Bar but settled for a Lifesaver pop? I seem to be doing a lot of that lately. I wanted Pizza Saturday but settled for a Subway sandwich. Today, I wanted Burger King onion rings but ended up with Taco Bell fully loaded taco salad. To be honest, today's episode was due to all the Burger Kings I passed being on the wrong side of the street and my aversion to left turns.

Jeepers! How old is Arlen Specter? He's been a senator forever*. Sorry, I was distracted by the news.

So, I was out doing field work again today, this time in Cudahy (or Cuda-heeeey as I was calling it all day). On the way home, avoiding the 110 freeway, I got lost--kind of. I mean, I wasn't really lost, I just didn't end up where I intended. I ended up in Inglewood. How? Well, I was told to go under the freeway and take Figueroa north, but I decided to continue west and take another street that's closer to home, like Western or La Brea. However, in my quest for a Burger King (my kingdom for onion rings!!) I missed Western and, well, I then passed Crenshaw and various other north-south streets before ending up in Inglewood. By then, I was pretty much over the onion rings (because the BK on La Brea and Sunset is a bitch to get in and out) so Taco Bell won.

*79--He became senator in 1980.


Ellen Bloom said...

Ooo...if you'd gone just a bit further to La Cienega, you could have gone to Pann's (@ La Tijera). They have the best home-style coffee-shop food EVER!!!

Also, on La Brea near Rosecrans (kinda' south) is Chip's coffee shop. Not sure about the food (it's always crowded tho'), but the exterior is pure mid-century modern and faboo!

There have GOT to be BK's in Inglewood!! That's why we need those modern I-phone thingies.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

The Burger King dude scares me.