Sunday, April 05, 2009

New neighbors

I have new neighbors--one upstairs and one downstairs. The guy upstairs plays guitar only slightly better than me and has been hanging pictures like his apartment is the freaking Guggenheim. The girl downstairs has decided she hates the red carpet and is ripping it up to refinish the floors. They have been tearing and sanding for almost a week now. She has a friend with her who brings his sweet dog, Molly, with him.

We don't have a dumpster here at Frau Gardens. Each apartment is assigned a trash can (clearly labeled with the apartment number) and it is the occupant's responsibility to roll it out to the curb and back again. Last Thursday, trash night, every can was full of carpet padding and whatever else they found while cleaning the apartment. Oddly, my can was the fullest, but the person who used it had rolled it out to the curb. I found the least full can and used that for my trash, rolling both of them back on Friday morning. I was irked, but no biggie.

Today, there was more sanding and whatnot, and while filling the kettle, I noticed that of all the trash cans in the back, they are using mine. They have their own!! Arrgghh.

In other news, a giant ugly bug invaded my apartment. It was probably scared by all the banging going on. I smooshed it with a clog (don't you judge me) and by the time I got back with a dustpan, it was crawling away. Yikes! I smooshed it hard; how could it possibly be alive. This time I put the clog on my foot and squished it good. Now I'm kind of afraid to lift the shoe. Do you think anyone will notice there's a shoe in the middle of my living room?


Jenny said...

Oh gosh! First of all, the neighbor thing would drive me nuts! Major irk-age! And, the bug thing...well, I can't tell you how many times I've done the same thing...killed a whopper and then been afraid to lift up whatever I used to kill it. One thing I am famous for is sucking bugs into a Dust Buster (hand-held vacuum) and then throwing the entire thing away because I was afraid to get the bug out of it...sigh!

Love your blog!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Gawd, my neighbors did the same thing when they moved out - filled all the individual trash cans and then left it to us to cart out to the curb (and suffer the wrath of the pissed off collectors). Sigh.

My favorite method of bug disposal? Quick swoop up in tissue and FLUSH DOWN THE TERLIT! Don't want to chance any pissed off buggies!