Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In celebration of Aries

My mind has been scattered to the four winds of late so I missed a few birthdays. This is the season of the Aries, a sign that Sagittarius is supposed to be most compatible with, along with Leo. While I have had many Aries friends, I've never been attracted to Aries in that way. Nor Leos, truth be told. So much for Astrology. Anywho, a cluster of good folks had birthdays in the past three days and I am here to give them a shout out. I'd have done this yesterday but I fell asleep immediately upon returning home and didn't get to post.

First up, Al Lewis, April 11th: No, not Grandpa Munster. This Al Lewis was the father of my very best friend in the whole world. Sadly, Al left this world many years ago, but his influence carries on. He is a hard man to describe. Al was a champion gardener who could bring any plant back to life, even if it were just a dried up twig. Al smoked a pipe with the most fragrant tobaccos, so you could always tell where he had been. Al always invited me to dinner with the family because I would actually eat something more than a burger (his daughter's meal of choice). I'm sure he had his faults but we didn't see them. He was a strict but loving father and a doting grandfather. I'm sad that he didn't live long enough to see his grandson Dan and great-grandchildren grow up. He would have been proud.

Next up, Joann Wallie, April 12th: I've mentioned Joann before. She was my constant companion from the time we could walk and talk until the day I moved to California. She also happens to be Al's beautiful daughter. What can I say about Jo that I didn't say last year? It's still all true. Joann will always be near to my heart no matter how much time we spend apart.

Finally, Seth J. Miller, April 13th: While he is no relation, he is like a brother to me. We spent many nights together--in the box office at the theatre where we worked, dirty. Seth is always one of the most fabulously dressed men I know, preferring suits to casual clothes even on the hottest of days. In fact, I have never seen Seth in anything but a three piece suit and the most stylish shoes. When he first came to work at the theatre he wore a houndstooth cabbie hat which he said was to cover a bad dye job. Over the next several years, he continued to wear the hat even though the bad dye job surely had grown out. It just became a part of who he was, so much so that when he came to work one day without the hat, none of us quite knew what to make of it. [for the record, he had lovely long straight black hair and was not covering any baldness with the hat] He also had one of the best speaking voices ever, so smooth and calming. I had many box office partners over the years--Randy, Tony, Daren--but Seth will always be special to me because he was my first.

If you're an Aries, I wish you a very happy birthday. And if you're not doing anything tonight "sometime around midnight," The Airborne Toxic Event (featuring the handsome Daren Taylor on drums) will be the musical guests on The Tonight Show!

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Okay, I'm not crazy. I was going to ask you if TATE didn't already do Leno, but I see from their site it was Letterman. :) I stayed up to watch them then, so I guess I can stay up tonite (I think I may be crushing!)

Happy Birdday to all of LA's important Ariesses!