Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Too Pooped to Post--here's a double shot

PAY DAY!!! Are there two sweeter words in the English language? The cupboards were bare so after I made sure the essentials were covered (rent, insurance, @#$% parking ticket), we headed off to buy GROCERIES! But first, we needed to get a mani/pedi. Lisi got the mani; I got the pedi. Then we popped into Target to pick up the essential--food, shampoo & conditioner, lime green socks with smiley faces on themWhat? They were in the dollar bin. We also picked up a new trash can for the kitchen, which was one of the aforementioned essentials. The old one was kind of ewww.
After Target, we went to...Whole Foods! More groceries!! Really I was on the search for avocados and vegan cookies for the girl. After Whole Foods, we went to Ralphs!! No, I'm kidding. We went to...Burger King!! Did you know they have Veggie Burgers? I didn't. I suspect those veggie burgers are not strictly vegan but I didn't tell Lisi that. I really wanted onion rings. I love Burger King onion rings.

Finally, we came home, snacked and watched movies. Do you sense a trend?

Today I had a full day planned but we got a late start. We ended up going out to City Walk via the Red Line. Here's the required photo in front of the spinning globe:and just to prove that we were there together, we did this:I look awful. She is, of course, perfectly adorable. Sparky's was closed (the nerve) but It'Sugar (yeah, the missing second s really bugs me but the candy inside makes up for it) was wide open. Honestly, I shouldn't be allowed in there. I'm like a kid in a...well, a candy shop, which is what it is, so I guess I'm really like an adult with no control in a candy shop. I can't leave this girl alone for two seconds without the creepy guys hitting on her. But what are we going to do? Lock her up? I think not. She's sweet, too, so she's not as quick to say "beat it, sleazeball," as her Aunt. I kept an eye out for her, though (don't worry, Kate.) Speaking of eyes, this one can spot a hottie a mile away and is nice enough to share the view with her old aunt who has no business looking at the cute young men but does anyway. Lisi also shared with me this little secret--did you know they spray the clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch with cologne? This girl could smell the store halfway across the plaza. Good nose.

My knee has been acting up (old skateboard injury. Yes, I'm serious) and she was not exactly wearing walking shoes so we rode the train back to Sunset & Vermont to take the bus down Sunset, which drops us off right at the top of my street. At Western, a smelly man with a Flip Wilson "Geraldine" type wig got on and sat across from us but up one seat. The smell was immediate and overpowering. "That's not Abercrombie," I said to Lisi. "No," she replied, "I call it 'Pretzels and Cat Piss.'" I love her.

Now we are home. and bored. and deciding if we're hungry or tired or what. I think a little of all three.

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