Friday, April 03, 2009

On the run and up to no good

I had to work the registration table this morning at an offsite workshop. Okay, I didn't have to; I could have said, "Piss off, I'm on vacation." However, my sense of duty got the better of me and I'm glad I did as I gained some useful information from it. I left the niece at home so she could make an attempt to pack her ungainly suitcase. Upon my return, I got cornered by Gladys Kravitz downstairs who dished the dirt on all the neighbors and complained again about the leak. This time she told me how afraid she was of the electricity shorting out and the mold, etc. I was hoping Lisi would call me upstairs with some emergency but no. About an hour later, as she was getting dressed, I saw Frau in the back yard. Not wanting to get in the middle of a discussion between Frau and Gladys, I rushed Lisi out the door practically half naked. Okay, without mascara, which is as good as naked in my book. Off we zipped to Venice Beach.

Venice Beach--Oh, the things you see and smell and hear. The incense, the ganja, the rollerskating guitar player, the pick-up games on the basketball was a beautiful, albeit chilly, day at the beach and Lisi got to experience all the fun of Venice without the crowds. Another good thing about less-crowded days is the vendors are willing to give you a better deal just to make a sale. Lisi got this adorable hatI could make that.* I picked up this great scarf from the same vendor. We got the pretty girl specialsIt's my scarf but she's a better model. I also picked up these sweet salt and pepper shakers. The gal selling them had all kinds of colors and you could mix and match. I chose these two because of their Love themes and because green and purple are my favorite colors.On the way back to the car, which was parked near the Rose Cafe, we saw this awesome sign. I applaud the guy for his sense of humor, although I'm sure he was truly pissed.
We zipped into the Rose Cafe for a quick iced coffee for me and to use the ladies room. When we got to the car, Lisi said, "I got you a present. " I was thinking, "Gosh, I didn't leave her alone for more than a minute. When did she have time?"
"Well, it's a present for both of us, actually." With that, she pulled out a roll of toilet paper that she stole from the ladies room. You see, we were out of TP at home. That's my niece, always thinking. When we got home, she made us the most delicious burritos--and she's not even Californian! What a gal!

I can't believe she's leaving tomorrow!!! Nooooo!!! I had so much fun giggling like a fool with my sweet, beautiful girl. I'm going to miss her. And before you say anything, yes, I need a new camera. Mine doesn't work anymore and I've been using the phone camera.

*All the women in our family are afflicted with "I can make that" syndrome. We see something in a store and won't buy it because we could surely make it for less. My grandmother used to say it to my mom, my mom said it to us, and now my sister and I have passed it on to the next generation. Lisi would crack me up by saying this everytime we say something knit or some piece of pottery, her craft of choice.


Jaclyn said...

I LOVE the salt and pepper shakers! Oh, and I LOVE your niece. I hope she had a good time in California. Sounds like she did. Thanks for making it out to the premiere too!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

LOVE the scarf and the shakers, and I totally can relate to the ICMT Syndrome. Even worse, I'll see a sweater in a store and think, "Ellen can knock that out in, like 2 days", or, "That's *just* like the hat LaurieAnn made!" So, not only do I have ICMTS, I have Others-I-Know CMT syndrome, too!