Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hair of the Dog, indeed

Today's WikiHow had me laughing hysterically for ten minutes non-stop. The subject matter was not humorous, but the accompanying photo and caption, well, see for yourselves:
So that picture didn't come out so good...here, look again.Poor pooch went on a bender and is now paying homage to the porcelain god*. I've been there, Fido.

Another thing that tickled me with delight was the Philosophers Guild website. Some of you may remember my collection of composer finger puppets from this line, as featured here**. The Hammer Museum had a fine collection of writer and artist finger puppets, but--WOW--the selection, the possibilities. My mind is positively exploding with ideas. Pavlov's dog chasing Schrodinger's cat, a whole episode of WWJD, Warhol, Ghandi--Oh My God I must have them all. I wish you could see the crazed look in my eyes (actually, I can't see it but I'm sure it's there because in my head I'm squealing like Bobby Hill).

*yes, he's probably just drinking the water, but I prefer to think he's barfing.
**For some reason the photos no longer show up. Boo!

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