Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Excitement? Tension? Something is building.

Goodness Gracious! Great Balls of Fire! The Roy arrives tomorrow and I am not prepared. While the Roy knows me and expects nothing more than the worst from me, he is bringing his girl and she has not met me. Yikes! I have recently learned that she, too, is a Sagittarius, so hopefully, she won't be offended by my less-than-stellar housekeeping. I have to do some laundry, though, and find a hiding place for my house key since they will be arriving while I'm at work. Oh, and the tub is leaking full flow now so a visit from the Frau is in the cards. Great!

However, more pressing is the big meeting tomorrow morning for which I must get breakfast and set up the fancy projector connected to the laptop. I have a hand full of things to do. No misspelling--I write things on my hand and it is currently filled with my "to do" list. I may have to start up the wrist if I think of anything else. I hope it doesn't rain too much. It's not doing anything currently, but I'd fell bad if Jess's first experience with Hollywood is filled with rain. That's what happened on Roy's first visit and he totally called me a liar. It wasn't until his second visit that I redeemed myself.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

you should save your hand space for more interesting writing - like the number of some young hottie that needs a knitted hat!