Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm the worst aunt ever

Wow, I really suck this year. What's wrong with me? I forgot my annual birthday posts for both my beautiful niece Mary, who turned 15 on November 21st. 15!! She's all growed up.

I cut off her brother and sister in this picture. She'll probably hate me but I love the nerdtastic Chuddley Cannons shirt. That's my Mary--Hugs to you, Sugar Plum.

But my auntly failure doesn't stop there. Yesterday, November 26th, was The Roy's birthday. The Roy! How could I forget? So, let's all wish a hearty Happy (sweet Jesus, he's creepin' up on 30) Birthday to everyone's favorite guest blogger, The Roy!The photo is old but too cute to resist. There's a kitten on his head!

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

OMG Mary's 15?! When did that happen?
Happy Birthday to Mary!

Happy Birthday to Roy!