Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One year closer to a red pantsuit and high kicks*

I turned 46 yesterday. I would have blogged last night but with the shopping and the knitting and the drinking, it was not a blogging kind of night. Plus, I can't find the cord for my camera and I wanted to upload some photos.

As birthdays go, it was good. I brought in cupcakes for everyone, like grade school, so we could have a party, but my friend Criss baked me a cake as well and decorated it with Hand Banana from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It made me happy. She also gave me a 6-pack of Miller Genuine Draft, some nail polish, Starbucks coffee, and flavored coffee creamers. My office was decorated with a Star Wars themed birthday banner. It's nice when you're friends really get you. My boss, who is out of town, sent an Edible Arrangement. Mmmm, chocolate-dipped bananas. I sense a theme.

I stopped at Vons last night on the way home for baking supplies for Thanksgiving and today's office potluck. Dear Vons: Walnuts are NOT PECANS! Thanks for making me have to go to another store, jerks. And no Karo syrup? What the ?

*You know--"I'm 50!"

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Ellen Bloom said...

Happy b-day, Sweetie! If you can do high kicks in a red pantsuit in a few years like Mary Katherine, I'll be very impressed! Hope you had a grand celebration!