Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Action-packed Saturday (updated: now with photo)

After getting up at ridiculous o'clock, and hitting a nearly empty freeway, I joined the ladies of Team Nvision Ending Homelessness for a quick walk about the USC area for the United Way's HomeWalk 2010. Shout out to Gigi, Tammy, Leora, and Criss. We were a small but determined group. The walk was approximately 3.5 miles and we were done in about an hour. I walk slow. I got home around 11:15 and rested for about 15 minutes. Then I was up and in the shower for round two of my busy day.

Around 1:20pm, I arrived at the Hollywood Bowl's picnic area for the 2nd annual Tower Records Sunset Alumni Reunion Picnic (I'm petitioning for a shorter name, guys; like Tower Family Reunion). Wow! What a day! I was blown away by the number of people who came and the broad spectrum of folks as well. We ran the gamut from the infamous (I'm looking at you, Howard) to the brief but memorable (TACO!). I met some of the old guard employees who were before my time, but whose antics are the stuff of legend (Now I'm looking at you, Tammy). And there were the surprises that made my day (Russell!!Murphy!!Crawford!! Andrew!!ROBERT!!!). Looking around at all the wonderful, wacky, and unique individuals who came and went from that place made me realize how much I truly loved working for Tower Records and how much I miss that feeling of belonging. This picnic really was a family reunion, with all the cousins, that crazy uncle, the side of the family that is always late (you know who you are), and the family members who always get the rest of us organized in order to have the reunion in the first place. With that I say a very heartfelt Thank You to Todd Meehan, Shawn Vezinaw, and Dave Miller for bringing this to fruition; thanks to Tammy (great grilling, sister) and everyone who contributed grub for the feast. It was all so good. And thanks to everyone who came to join the fun and remind me what a great group of people I've had the pleasure to call friends.

and in case everyone starts reading this blog all of a sudden, much love to (in no particular order) Kelly, Stephanie, Jennifer, Matt, Chris, Harold, Larry King, Paul Stanley, Christine, Joey, Gary, Rob, Jim, Derrick, Dave G., Dave K., Mike, John, Maria, Olga, Jaclyn, Andrew D., Andrew B., Robert, Howard, Bill, Jeff, Lilia, and anyone else I'm forgetting but who are certainly not to blame for my forgetfulness. (like another Jennifer, Deb, Marea, Mike R., Reynor, Kim, Jodie, Boo Man, and all the kids)

*for the easily confused, the HomeWalk Tammy and the Tower Tammy are two very different Tammys.
Photo stolen from someone's Facebook page. I think Boo Man. Thank you!

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helsinger said...

Nice to see you and inadvertently learn about your blog. So, yes, good thing you named me in your post (unless there's another Gary?!)