Friday, November 19, 2010

Let's Pretend It's Still Thursday

I work in very close proximity to the LA Live plaza, so we finally have a better variety of lunch options. Even though this is the case, I've only ever eaten at Rock'N Fish, which is awesome in its own right. But you know, once you've sampled the menu, it's kind of boring. We've talked about Trader Vic's but that's really an evening place, so one can enjoy a Mai Tai and designated driver. The Farm (I hear it's great) is kind of loud. That is how we ended up at Rosa Mexicano yesterday. I cannot say enough about this place, but I'll try.

Let's start with the drinks. They had a special Pumpkin Spice Margarita (which I ordered) that was like pumpkin pie in a glass, if your pumpkin pie were laced with tequila. It was spicy and sweet (like me), but I'll admit, was a bit much by the time I got to the bottom of the glass. The Sangria was just right. (I sipped someone else's, lest you think me a lush).

The guacamole was wonderful. They make it fresh at your table in these heavy black cauldron-like bowls. You can choose mild, medium, or hot. (We chose mild and medium) One of the gals ordered ceviche and it looked too pretty to eat. Other orders around the table included a grilled ahi salad with so many ingredients I couldn't list them all here, salmon with tropical fruit mole, white fish tacos, and (my order) Mexican Club Torta, which had a black bean-chipotle spread. It was so good. SOOOOO good. And huge. And came with sweet potato fries and pickled jalapenos. Which is why I was too full and not feeling well when Stitch n Bitch time came around. But, oooh, it was worth it.

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