Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Medicinal Properties of Cocoa

It was powerful cold in my apartment this morning, so I bundled up before leaving the house assuming it would be equally chilly outside. It wasn't. I looked kind of silly. But that's okay, because it was also powerful cold in my office, so vindication was mine!

But then the emails and phone calls started and the frustration and anger levels elevated. When I finally got a chance, I went to the kitchen and made my favorite beverage*--hot cocoa with a shot of Dark Magic coffee. Ahhhhh, cocoa. Is there anything caffeine and chocolate can't cure? Okay, maybe cancer, but have they tried? It was so good, I had two big ol' mugs full and my mood did get better...a little...the aggravation didn't go away so I'd say the mood leveled off at a manageable point.

But tomorrow is a holiday. :)

*my favorite beverage that is socially acceptable to drink at 9am.

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