Saturday, May 15, 2010

At least I got some exercise

Remember last week or so when I took Jamie to see her friend Max, the German car king? Even though I'd been unsuccessful on two previous Saturday attempts, Max assured me that he did indeed keep Saturday hours. He did not say "call ahead so I know to be here" or "by appt only." No, he said, "Yeah, I'm still here on Saturdays."

He lied.

I had already called my friend, Tina, to tell her I wouldn't be able to make it to her party when I ventured downtown to Main Street, where Jamie sits safely in a long term parking lot. When I got there and confirmed that she was still there, I called Max to tell him I'd be bringing her out. Wisely, I called his cell phone this time. "Oh, I'm not at the shop today. Can you bring it in on Monday?"

Well, yes, I suppose I'll have to. Or maybe even Tuesday, as I have some important calls to follow up with on Monday. But, damn it, now my day is ruined. I had nothing to do but come back home. I hadn't brought my prescriptions with me, so I couldn't stop at CVS. And I can't get a haircut until I see how much this car repair is going to cost me. Fortunately, as long-term parking goes, this lot is not that expensive. It's just not really the best time to be without a car. But at least I was able to get some walking in, since I took the bus down there and the red line back, walking from 6th and Hill to 6th and Main, then back to Hill and 5th to catch the train, then home from Hollywood and Vine. I tend to be a fast walker, too. I walk like a person who didn't have a car for ten years, with a purpose. I have a place to go and I want to get there. I don't stroll.

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