Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random bruising and bad dreams

On Sunday, I was at my friend Tami's house for dinner. When I got home, I realized my left-hand middle finger was in pain, swollen and purple. What the heck? I don't remember hitting it or twisting it. I iced it up and went to bed thinking it'd be fine in the morning. But come Monday, it was still purple and swollen. I iced it again and while it remained purple, the swelling went down. Today, it is once again swollen. One of my co-workers thinks it has something to do with my tendon. I can't immobilize the finger. I need to type, for crying out loud. What am I to do? Criss wants me to put it in a brace just so I have an excuse to flip people the bird all day.

Then, last night, I had a series of dreams that went from weird to nightmare in quality. I can't remember details (except one) but I know that each time I woke up I would say, "What the ...?" Okay, so this one, my car kept breaking down (I know, less of a dream and more of a reality) and each time it was something increasingly expensive, like the ABS light came on and my brakes nearly failed requiring an entire brake overhaul. But then the most bizarre breakdown of all--a dashboard light came on that read "WET DOG." What the ...? Wet dog? [click for larger view--also, not actually Jamie's dashboard. She has less miles on her and there isn't really a wet dog light]

The AAA tow truck driver that came to tow Jamie to Max's place--again!--said, "Oh yeah, the Wet Dog. You have that in these newer German cars." But he never explained what the hell the wet dog feature did. All I know is that when I opened the hood, smoke poured out and it did indeed smell like a wet dog. Bizarre!

So, needless to say, I didn't sleep well and was late for work. My turgid, purple digit and I are going home now. You have a great night.

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Funky Muffins said...

"My turgid, purple digit" sounds obscene. It also sounds like it'd make a good punk/hardcore band name.