Saturday, May 01, 2010

In praise of Netflix

Several times, my friend Criss and I will be discussing our latest Netflix arrivals and which movies in our queue we are excited about, when a co-worker will come by and say, "yeah, I've been thinking about Netflix, but is it worth it?" and then Criss and I go on for an hour (not really) extolling the glory of Netflix, usually ending with "we sound like a commercial." And I would totally do a commercial for Netflix, I love it that much.

I am on the 4-at-a-time plan, which I do so that I can get an entire season of a series at once (usually) and watch it over the weekend. However, I forgot to mail my movies on time this week and have nothing to watch over the weekend. Crap! What's a gal to do? Oh, that's right, Netflix has that instant play thing where you can watch movies on your computer instantly. So, that's what I did. I watched "Funny Girl" because, seriously, how hot was Omar Sharif as Nick Arnstein. Sure, he was a hapless scoundrel but I'd be singing "Nicky Arnstein, Nicky Arnstein, Nicky Arnstein" too if he looked at me that way.

I also watched "Freaked" because...well, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Thank you, Netflix, for having very nearly every movie I have ever wanted to see at my fingertips with no late fees.

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Anne-Marie said...

I cut my LoveFilm (UK equivalent) down to one at a time because it was cheaper, but its a pain waiting for the next one. We are currently getting Miami Vice series 1. I just love the fashion, the music, the hair, its hilarious.

I have also been watching the free online stuff in between :)