Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My eyes! My eyes! My...Oh, free food.

My eyes have been on fire for several days, since the weekend, in fact. I am blaming it on allergies and smog. It's really killing me, though, because they're puffy and itchy and generally making me look like I'm hungover every morning. I have tried the eye drops, which only offer temporary relief. I am wearing my glasses all the time now to ensure they aren't unnecessarily strained. Still, they burn.

But you know what distracts you from burning eyes? Well, nothing really, but free food helps. For Cinco de Mayo, the boss bought us all lunch from La Taquiza on Figueroa. Mmmm, I do enjoy La Taquiza, even though the parking lot is a nightmare and I almost ran over some hottie in a golf cart going to pick up lunch. Sadly, we didn't get free margaritas. I guess it would be frowned upon during work hours.

Hope you all had the best day you could.

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Sara said...

Steak mulitas from La Taquiza are probably my death row meal, washed down by a Dos Equis lager. Oh, now I'm hungry.