Friday, May 28, 2010

Not a team player

Today is "Pajama Day" at work for Happy Week, for which employees were encouraged--nay, cajoled--to wear their best G-rated PJs and enjoy snacks and a movie in the conference room. While I applaud the crew in charge for trying to come up with a creative and cheap event, Pajamas? In a business setting? Really? Most of my PJs are unfit for private viewing, let alone public viewing. And my luck, Jamie would decide to break down on my way to or from work and I'm stuck wandering the streets of LA in my pajamas. Not like I'd be the first person to do that (as The Roy wisely pointed out), but I have some class.

And the snacks are like a stoner's dream--brownies, cupcakes, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza. It doesn't help that the movie currently being shown is Pineapple Express. Yes, we work with kids. Why do you ask?

In an effort to not be a total party pooper, I'm wearing an old Lakers jersey, which I do occasionally wear to bed so it kind of works. It's #34, so you know it's old.* However, in light of game 5, everyone just thinks it's a fan thing.

*That's Shaq's number, in case you're not in the know.

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