Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh, this day, this weather, this....sigh

Today I:

missed the bus.
got spritzed upon so my hair looked awful all day.
was very sleepy.
had zero ambition.
found out my Farmville puppy ran away. (no, really, does it get any more pathetic?)
rescued my puppy from the pound and fed him.
updated addresses.
looked at jobs on Craigslist.
realized I can't get a second job because they all require more flexible hours.
looked at cars on Craigslist.
made some follow up phone calls for the boss.
looked out my window and couldn't see the Hollywood sign.
got sad.

went to the bar and drank some cheap beer. (or at least I will be doing that in about 20 minutes)

1 comment:

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Really? You went to a bar and you didn't invite me? Srsly. Next time, I'll keep ya company. Mondays are a bitch. Rainydays suck. Rainydays and Mondays always get me down.