Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Over the weekend I was craving stew. I'm not sure why, but the craving was strong. I could smell it and taste it and man, did I want some stew. Then at Casey's on Monday, some lady was eating stew and Criss said, "Next week, let's get stew and split it." and I was all, "I was totally craving stew! How did you know? You should have said something and we could have had it this week." Well, after I got Jamie on the road yesterday, I went grocery shopping...and yes, I got stew. I wasn't nearly as good as I imagined it would be. Let's home Casey's lives up to the craving.

I haven't been writing in my paper journal a lot lately since I've been on here and you know, generally have nothing to report. But today, I had a stack of poems and cartoons that I wanted to save, not to mention a favorite picture or two, so I spent the evening watching X-Men and pasting stuff in my journal. It's kind of cheating because now my journal is half full. Whatever. It's not like I'm being graded. Am I?

And how about those X-Men? I confess, I have never seen the movies until tonight. I watched the first two and have the third lined up for tomorrow. Mmmm, Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is delicious. Although I could see why Jean Grey didn't choose him. Those hands would be problematic when it came to, um, certain intimate acts. Ouch.

Today is also Dookie Day. If John Wolfe or any of those boys from that group at Loews Stroud 7 Cinema find this, just look what you've done to me! I still remember the date 20 years later! Dookie Day, for the curious minded, was the day some kid in their class accidentally shat his pants and then told everyone he "fell in the mud" when there had been no rain for weeks. The poor kid. The boys would casually slip May 19th into scripts and short films for years to come. and on the actual date, Dookie Day was always commemorated. You don't want to know how.

Bed time!

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