Friday, May 07, 2010

Garth Schwartzman makes a mean iced tea

In case you're not on the Starbucks email list, May 7-16 from 3pm to 5pm, you can get half-priced frappucinos at participating Starbucks. Yum!
So for our walk today, Criss and I walked up to Starbucks on Wilshire. You know what's a great idea? Buying mocha frappucinos for your four under-10-years-old children. Way to go, Mom-in-front-of-me. The afternoon barista was new. He was cute. He had a patchy beard which Criss and I discussed at length while waiting for our turn at bat. He was kind of Jason Scwartzman's not-so-evil twin. Back in my Loews Theatre days, we used to find celebrity look-a-likes in the mall and call them "Garth celebrity last name" because all the evil twins are named Garth and have facial hair. Garth Schwartzman was sweet and made me an awesome Passionfruit Iced Tea*, which really isn't much of a challenge but I don't hold the cute ones to too high a standard.

So, run, don't walk, to your nearest Starbucks between 3pm and 5pm until May 16th for your half-priced frap. You're welcome.

*I wasn't in the mood for a frap today.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

What, no pic of Mr. Schwartzman? Disappointment!