Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the Road Again

Today's the day! I finally got Jamie towed to Van Nuys for repairs. The parking lot where she's been sleeping (cheap slut) has a kind and courteous staff, and Jamie was safe and secure for the past five days. The tow truck guy was awesome in his ability to navigate through the parking structure with a car in tow. In fact, the only thing not great about my downtown experience today was the police activity. They had closed off Main Street at 7th and 7th up to Broadway. A man emptying trash cans at the bus stop said someone had been killed but he didn't elaborate.* In a separate incident on 6th at about Broadway, the police wouldn't let pedestrians cross on the north side of the street, so we had to cross over and over and over just to get to the other side.

Once at Max's, I told him what I thought the problem was (another misfiring cylinder) but he said, "Oh, it doesn't sound that way. It started hard (because it's been sitting for five days?) and that was a lot of smoke." So, he hooked her up to the ol' diagnostics computer and guess what? Misfire on the third cylinder. Bam! I should get paid for this. Max routed around in his magical shop of dead German cars and found a bracket for my battery while I was there, too. So, new spark plug and bracket installed, Jamie runs like a...like a...well, she runs. Let's just hope she stays that way for a little while longer so I can find a solution to my little problem.

*no one died. Read about it here.

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