Thursday, May 06, 2010

Not looking California, nor feeling Minnesota*

My allergies, despite the best efforts of the neti pot and daily Veramyst, have been kicking my ass lately, and my aforementioned burning eyes are all puffy. What's a woman of a certain age to do? I mean, all the eye creams in the world aren't cutting it. I'm super tired lately, and while my hair looks lovely thanks to a new shampoo and conditioner, my face...well, it's been better. Does anyone have any sure-fire puffy eye cures? Laurie Ann does not enjoy looking her age or older. (and yes, I just referred to myself in the third person)

I had really planned on being at the Farmer's Market for Stitch 'n' Bitch this evening, but due to an unfortunate collision of cream colored sweater and taco salad, I shall not be there. I think I'll shoot for Saturday, though, because I do miss you guys and I haven't been knitting much lately.

*with all due respect to Mr. Chris Cornell

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Ellen Bloom said...

My eyes are naturally puffy. The look runs in my family. In fact, after studying a photo of me at age 6, I had puffy circles under my eyes even then!

To reduce the puffiness an allay wrinkles, an older woman told me about Preparation H ointment.

Yes, I know...putting butt cream on your face is disgusting, but it really works. I've been using the ointment (NOT the gel) for a long time and my wrinkles are non-existent. The Prep H has some sort of shark oil in it that really moisturizes and stays in the skin.

I dab a bit and rub it into my skin in the morning, after my shower, before putting on make-up. Try it. One tube is only about $6!