Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Jamie is back in service

Since I couldn't get Max on the weekend, I asked the boss if I could take the morning off to run out to Max's today. I filled Jamie's coolant reservoir, grabbed a box of Mike and Ike's and a bottle of water, and headed out to Van Nuys.

Max popped her hood and determined the leak was a side hose flange, whatever that is. Actually he showed me what it was and the crack that caused the leak. Max is good like that. He'll always show me the damaged parts (as if I know what I'm looking at) and offer to let me keep them (sure, greasy auto parts).
While I waited for the repairs, I read a book and watched the mechanics at the other shop. Next door to Max's place is a Porshe repair shop. The parking lot at Max's looks like a Porshe graveyard.After the flange (that's a funny word) was replaced, Max vacuumed out the dead leaves and sticks that accumulate under my hood from parking under a magnolia tree every day and asked me "Is there anything you'd like to vacuum?" Oh, silly Max, as if I vacuum.Then, as I paid, I got the usual lectures--"You're using the good gas, right?" "You shouldn't go to those oil change places; they'll rip you off."--with a new one about being safe and letting a mugger just take my purse if he wants it. Aw, Max is so sweet. And Jamie is running again, although, truth be told I don't know for how long. (Shhh, don't tell Jamie)

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