Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chapter Four: In which Laurie Ann Storms the Bastille

I woke up at 4am with the right side of my jaw swollen. I looked like Marlon Brando. It was not pretty. The pain and swelling just got worse as the day progressed. My many calls to the dentist were unanswered. For the first time in a week, I was near tears. Criss suggested I just go to the dental office, point to my face and say, "I'll wait." So, I did. After several calls and a bit of knocking on the locked door, I got in touch with the doctor who opened the door. Should I have worried that the doctor was missing some teeth?

Even though his name was on the card, he called the insurance company who told him I had to go to the doctor in Santa Ana. When he told me this I started crying, "You mean there's nothing you can do for me?" Fortunately, he was a sweet, sweet man who took pity on the misshapen woman standing before him. He took an X-ray (free), then he did a partial root canal, topped it off and sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics. He said he'd call tonight to see how I'm feeling. He also said the swelling should go down by tomorrow, but at the time it's still big enough to be seen from space. It still hurts too, but I have faith that it will feel better by tomorrow.


woolanthropy said...

Thank you Mr. Dentist for taking care of my friend Laurie Ann.

I hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

d.m. hawthorne said...

oh man, i've had more than my fair share of dental troubles, and i'd take cramps and kidney stones over a nasty toothache any day.

a cousin of mine works at a dental practice and can't stand it when people call trying to get an emergency appt. because she always feels so terribly for them and has to tell them to go to the er.
you probably would've kept getting stonewalled if you hadn't gone in person.
thank goodness for that dentist!