Thursday, November 13, 2008

A running post on Thursday

[9:59am] We have a Directors meeting first thing today. It was supposed to start at 9:30. It has not started yet. I was supposed to stop at Smart & Final on my way in, but my eyes--My GOD, my eyes--are burning from allergies and were tearing up all the way to work. It must have looked like I was crying because I kept getting sympathetic glances from other drivers. They are still killing me, even after drops. I cannot see and I just want to keep them closed.
[12:12pm] Indigo Montoya is sick. He has a red bulgy eye. The website said it's from poor water quality. I'm a bad mother. I'm just waiting for the boss to be in her meeting so I can change his tank water, add drops and say a little prayer for his recovery. How can he flirt with his turtle if he can't see him? My shame at my shoddy pet keeping skills is boundless. Although to be fair, fish are dicey to begin with and my cat was a happy camper, as was the family dog, Rascal.
[12:45] My kingdom for a frakkin' laptop that will play this DVD for the charter school presentation!!!!
[1:16pm] I'm stuck at the front desk until 2:15, after which I have to clean the fish tank, eat some lunch, confirm my boss's travel arrangements for tomorrow and be ready to leave by 3:30. Can I do it? We'll see.
[11:30] I made it. We all went bowling at Lucky Strike. I sucked so bad and my back is kind of sore. I'm sure I'll have a hard time tomorrow. Special thanks to Criss for making me laugh so hard my sides hurt. I meant to come knitting but the bowling wiped me out. Who knew? I guess I'm not as young as I thought.


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