Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It still smells like poo

So, apparently there was some burst pipes on the 9th floor that caused the flooding and dank smell on the 8th floor where I work. It smells just as bad today as it did on Monday. I meant to take pictures of the walls where the drywall got soaked and is crumbling apart. Oh, did I mention the mold? Great! Today the ladies room flooded. Noah! Where's that ark?!

Yesterday I had dinner with "my good friend" Russell. It was great to catch up and hear the gossip about our old Tower friends. Russell knows everything. I don't know how or where he gets his information but, Lord knows, if you want to know anything about anyone, Russell is your go-to guy. "My good friend" is how Russell refers to people he doesn't like, as in "Have you seen my good friend today," then he'd roll his eyes which usually meant he was about to go into bitchy queen mode. Ah, we love Russell in bitchy queen mode. Some other favorite Russell-isms are "Ask me this thing" which loosely translates to "I know, right?" (He's from Trinidad.) Oh and "not one crap" which means "I don't give a shit." Because of his accent, some people found Russell difficult to understand, especially when he was pissed. I used to joke about a Russell-to-English dictionary.

Almost done with the (not so) Quickie Baby Sweater. In all honesty, actual knitting time on this would probably be about 6 hours. I'm just lazy and bored with the peculiar directions so I've been avoiding it for a couple of days. Here's a photo (from my celly, so don't expect much):
That's all. I'm out.


woolanthropy said...

Your baby sweater is so cute. I am loving the way the yarn is striping. You are almost finished!

Marnie said...

MY God did I get a kick out of Russell when we were in Arizona. He told me that he hated water and was terrified of it, being unable to swim. He then smiled and said his parking spot is near his swimming pool and so he refused to use it and would park somewhere else. Later in the day Bob told me that Russell didn't even have a car.
The boys when to a baseball game in AZ too. Who is the AZ baseball team? I don't even know but I guess it is some snake related team name like the sidewinders or something. They made a rattle sound when someone hit a home run and Ben said Russell pulled up his feet and asked Bob if there were snakes at the stadium. =)