Saturday, November 15, 2008

The High Cost of Frau Avoidance

I woke up feeling woozy and not quite ready for the day. I lay quietly thinking of what I should do on this sunny Saturday morning (it was barely still morning--11:45). "I should do laundry," I thought gazing on the pile of clothes barely contained in one corner of my room. "I should clean up a little," was another thought, since as of yesterday the shower is dripping in a way that won't shut off and I know I'll have to call the Frau eventually. I closed my eyes hoping to drift back to sleep when, as if conjured by the mere thought of her name, I heard Frau speaking to one of the neighbors downstairs. "Crap!" I said, bolting upright in bed. "Son of a bitch, I don't want to see her today." Quick, a action...what to do?...laundry--takes too long to gather and get out...library?--do I really want to go downtown today?...OH! I need to get my sock yarn wound!

I hopped online to check my bank balance, paid a few necessary bills, subtracted what I owe to a friend, then figured I had enough money to get gas in the car and go to Unwind in Burbank to have them wind my sock yarn into pretty little yarn cakes. Maybe I can find some yarn for Criss's project while I'm at it, or some pretty cotton for Stella's baby (who will need a dress for that sweater). I threw on some jeans, Keds and the first T-shirt I grabbed in the closet, scraped the hair into a pony tail, and dashed out the door. Yikes! Frau was in front of the house. "Hi," I mumbled as I rushed to the car. "Look like you're in a hurry, " I thought to myself. "Maybe she won't try to talk to you." I started the car, reached in my bag for the iPod and realized my cell phone was missing. I looked longingly toward my bedroom window, knowing my cell was on the nightstand where I left it after reading some early morning Tweets. "Screw it. If the car breaks down, I'll flash a passing motorist and use their phone." It just wasn't worth the risk of a Frau encounter.

So, off to Burbank I went. Passed Jaclyn's new place (Hi Jax--see you on Thanksgiving!) and found Rock Star parking right outside Unwind. I reached over for my purse and yarn--except there wasn't any yarn. I'd forgotten to grab the yarn, my only excuse for being at Unwind in the first place. I'm doomed. The store was quiet. Just one clerk and one customer. I picked up a basket (yeah, like I was going to get out of there empty handed. It's worse than Target.) and began perusing. I think I touched every yarn in the store. They have the softest angora in lovely pastels that totally reminded me of a 50's twinset, but I am fortunately allergic to angora. I chatted with Kristy (the gal minding the shop), offered my opinion on Magic Loop to the only other customer, and got lost in the "OMG soooo soft and cuddly" cashmere. I settled on some Blue Sky Alpaca silk blend for Criss's project and some bamboo (oh how I love the bamboo) that reminded me of summer. But as I was lamenting finding my wallet in the bottom of my bag, I spotted the one thing I've been coveting for a long, long time--Namaste bags. I bit the bullet and grabbed the Newport bag in Turquoise. I'm kind of in love. Nothing I purchased was on sale. The experienced knitters among you will have an idea of the damage to my checking account.

When I came home, Frau was gone and I've been knitting peacefully ever since. I'll cry about poverty later with my lovely turquoise bag and soft yarn firmly in hand. All I can say is: Avoiding the Frau? Priceless.


woolanthropy said...

The Newport bag is stunning. I could see how hard that was to pass up. Yay for yarn stores.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I love Unwind... haven't been there in a while. Just think of it this way, the stuff you bought wasn't on sale, but that way they punched your card, right? You don't get a card punch with sale stuff. So you're actually making money by spending more!