Monday, November 03, 2008

OMG I'm so mad I could smash something

So, I got a call on my cell at work, which I ignored because, you know, I'm was at work. When I checked my message, it was Frau PITA who said, "Your rent is not in the box and it's the third. I am going to have to charge you a penalty. I try to reach you and you're never home. I don't even know what number to call." Okay. 1) I wasn't home Saturday because of the fundraiser, but I was home all day Sunday. and of course I'm not home on Monday. I work. 2) my check has been in that box since 8:00am Saturday. 3) She reaches me on my cell phone every time and yet, she always says she doesn't know how to reach me.
I called her back and told her the rent was in the box. She insisted it was not. I told her that it WAS in the box because I put it there first thing on Saturday and that she needed to check the box better. She insisted that she checked it three times and used a stool to look inside. You may remember another time when she insisted that I didn't pay my rent and how she "looked several times," only to have egg on her face when I reached in and pulled out my check. I told her I'd leave another check in the box when I got home and she told me to "cancel the check." So I have to pay $30 to cancel a check because Frau is too short to reach inside the box and find my check? Hells to the no.
THEN, even after we established that I would leave another check in the box, she kept talking about how I haven't paid my rent and how she is tired of having to come over to look in the box. "My check is in the box. I put it there on Saturday. I'm sorry you can't find it but I swear it's in there," at which point she cut me off to tell me "No, it's not. And I knocked on your door but you didn't answer." "BECAUSE I'M AT WORK. I will put another check in the box when I get home." I hung up before she could say anything else.
There was a message on my home phone that said, "I hope you didn't go out of town and didn't pay your rent." I might add that today is the first time she has tried to contact me. The phone has rung three times since I got home and I've ignored it.
[edited 11-4] Guess what Frau found in her mailbox? Yep, my original check. BITCH!

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