Saturday, November 29, 2008

They call me the Squanderer (now with photos)

Here we are, knee deep in a four-day weekend and I have done nothing productive. I have squandered two of my precious four days. I had every intention of doing laundry today, but instead I got distracted by my inner crazy person and nothing would do but I had to try double knitting a peace symbol from this chart*. I made a mistake on one row, but otherwise it looks good.

Plus, I finished it with a kitchener stitch--and I finally perfected it. Woo Hoo!

Yesterday, I spent half the day sleeping and the other half trying to figure out what I did wrong on this pattern. I actually didn't do anything wrong, I followed the pattern exactly, but that's the problem**. I went to the blog from which this pattern originated and looked for corrections and while the designer addresses it somewhat in the comments, she kind of implies it was the knitters fault, not the pattern. Fortunately, I know how to fix it; I just didn't feel like ripping back to do so. It's only three rows. I'll do it tonight.

So, anywho, this time squandering has left me in dire straits. Not only am I out of undies, but now I will have to do laundry tomorrow--the day of the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Regular readers may remember this fiasco from November 2006. I will have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the laundromat early, get 'er done, and get back home in time to still find parking. Keep those fingers firmly crossed (or not if you're hoping for another drama-filled blog post).

* I like the scarf, not the Jonas Brothers. However, if I were to make it as a scarf, I think I'd do two pieces and join them in the center so that the peace symbols are upright on both sides.
**The problem comes after joining for the round. You've already done three rows of stockinette before the join. Once you join, you knit an increase round, knit a round, knit another increase round, then purl for three rounds. That gives you six rows of stockinette as opposed to the three previously established in the pattern. Unless you're suppose to knit the wrong way after joining...nawwww.

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woolanthropy said...

Thanks for reminding me I have clothes in the dryer.

Your peace sign looks cool.