Sunday, November 16, 2008


The other day I was telling my co-worker, Amber, about the roses in the back "yard" at Chez Gingham. You can see the grass is limited and the only other growing areas are the few squares pulled out of the concrete.The ad for this apartment boasted "view of rose garden," which at the time was true. Roland, who owned the property before the Frau, tended his roses lovingly. He was a kooky old man in flip flops and Hawaiian shirts, but he knew his roses. After Roland's death, the roses were left to their own devices, and while they still bloom some have not thrived. The roses on the far left (near the trash cans) died and were ripped up.

Lori--remember her?--took advantage of the empty squares and planted some vegetables. Then she moved out (was evicted?) and the plants have been untended since. Today, while waiting for my lunch to cook and gazing out the window, I noticed tomatoes.
You may have to click to enlarge to see the tomatoes. I know they haven't been watered in forever, unless Adrian or Alejandro (the downstairs folks) have been doing it, so I'm surprised the plants are still green. I feel like someone (me) should go out there and water them and tend them into ripeness. But I don't have the greenest thumb and if I start, then I'll be obligated to see it through and possibly have issues with Frau PITA, whom I'm sure noticed them. I don't know if Lori has permission. Also, other than taking out the trash, I have never hung out in the backyard. Mostly due to Rasta Pasta claiming it was all his, but also because it just feels like I'm encroaching on the downstairs neighbors who have doors that open to the back yard.

So, do I adopt the tomato plants and possibly have fresh 'maters or do I leave them and assume that someone else will take care of them. I'm still torn.

[I apologize for the poor photo quality. The photos were taken through the dirty screen in my kitchen.]


woolanthropy said...

Adopt! Adopt! Get them 'maters and enjoy them. Get outside and tend a piece of earth. You will be glad you did.

Ellen Bloom said...

Yeah...I agree with Natalie. Claim them as your own; water them. Only, do it all in the dead of night when Frau is asleep!

Helena Handbasket said...

I vote -- Tend!