Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Baby and Good Grief

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! For the second year in a row, my lovely friend Jaclyn invited me to spend they day with her family. Her mom came out from Chicago again to cook for us and I am not one to turn down Mom Cooking. Mary, Jax's mom, is awesome (probably because she, too, is a Sagittarius). She even made a tofu dish for Lindsay. Jaclyn's sister, Michele, joined us this year with her friend Greg, making it a real family dinner.

Last year at this time, Jaclyn announced that she was expecting. This year, I got to meet the darling Julia. She is the sweetest baby. She has her daddy's hair and her mommy's beautiful brown eyes. The sweater I made for her may still fit her after all, with a bit of stretching, plus this morning I cast on for a dress in a larger size so by the time I see her again, it will still fit. Julia's dad, Chris, showed me scenes from his movie--the one I made this for--and it's looking good.

We watched some Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, then avoided the sob fest "The Notebook" by spending the rest of the night in the dining room eating pie and swapping stories. I have to say, though, because I'm easily amused, the best part was Baby Cam. Jaclyn and Chris have a camera system baby monitor. How cool is this?I was fascinated all night watching the baby sleep, watching her roll over, watching her scoot up in a corner, watching her--EEEEK--then this showed up.Suddenly Baby Cam took an ugly turn. Time to go, thanks for dinner....

No, really, thank you Jaclyn, Chris, Mary, Lindsay, Michele, Greg and , of course, Julia, for making this Thanksgiving a very happy one.

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Jaclyn said...

Thanks for joining us for Thanksgiving. It's been a long week so I am just now reading your blog. Cute baby Julia is going through a growth spurt and teething so I have been up in the wee hours of the morning with her all week. Hopefully, next week will be better.
The sweater totally fits her and is perfect. I love the great fall colors. Since it's been cool out (by california standards) she's been in sweaters all week.
I'm glad you had a good time at Thanksgiving. Next year is at my moms house since this will be here last winter in Chicago.