Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday grab bag

My head is still all floaty but I have slept all day and I'm feeling a little better. My sinuses aren't blocked anymore (Thank you Neti pot). I also managed to knit up about 30 rows on a baby sweater for my co-workers January baby. The kettle is on for more tea.

Does anyone know what was happening in the Hollywood area at 7am that brought every helicopter in LA to hover over my house? Me neither, but I wasn't happy about it. In searching online for some info I found these photos over at from Here's one of my favorites. Check out the rest. It's cheap entertainment at it's finest.
Now my kettle is whistling. More tea for me!!


Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! Tigger in Spidey underwear. OH yeah. I'm very afraid.

Annika said...

Prop 8 protests.

woolanthropy said...

There are some doozies over at failblog. My favorite is postage failure. Thank you for making me laugh this morning.