Sunday, November 09, 2008

Half Ambitious

I woke up with ambition. I was going to finish this so-called "Quickie Baby Sweater" and move on to the double knit scarf or Knucks (both Christmas presents). I've made a few top-down baby sweaters and all have the same basic construction--knit to the sleeves, put the sleeves on holders and knit the rest, then come back for the sleeves. These directions call for putting the whole sweater on stitch holders and working on a sleeve, then working on the second sleeve, and THEN finishing the sweater. It also calls for a 1x1 ribbing on the cuffs of the sleeves which I think is silly as there is no ribbing anywhere else on the sweater. I'm going to finish the body, come back for the sleeves (in the round) and do garter cuffs. Here's my progress so far:
Confounded by the directions, I took a break for lunch. As I was waiting for my soup to cook, I started cleaning the kitchen counters. I realized, after one section was done, that this is a job for another day when I can devote time to it. Today, I had other plans.

A refund I was expected had made it to my bank account and I needed to go to CVS. I really needed toothpaste and such, but my secret reason for the trip was my never ending search for this mascara. This trip proved just as fruitless as all my other excursions. Even the website says it is sold out. Dang! My skimpy lashes need all the help they can get. Dejected, I made it up to myself more of that delicious Swiss Orange sherbet from Dryers.

Now I'm tired. Maybe I'll finish the sweater tomorrow. I got sucked into Ravelry and may not get back to knitting tonight.

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woolanthropy said...

Your baby sweater looks so cute. My hubby said he liked that argyle scarf. I wonder which I can knit faster for Christmas. A cabled sweater vest or the double knit scarf? I am thinking the sweater vest since I don't have to learn anything new. But that scarf is awesome. Thanks for reminding me it's out there.