Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How was your polling place?

After waiting 40 minutes in the long, long line outside, someone finally came out and told us "If you're voting at the Green Table, come inside. There's a separate line." Woo Hoo! I'm Green! I got in line behind a man I shall call Creepy McThreeteeth (because he was creepy and had three teeth) and in front of the idiot couple who was JUST getting around to reading the booklet. My polling place was at the Gay & Lesbian Center on Shrader. Mrs. Idiot said--very loudly--"Oh, I don't want THOSE people to have the right to marry. I'm voting NO." I didn't tell her that a no vote means Yes to gay marriage. If she can't read that's her problem. When one of the poll workers said "Handicapped voters can come to the front of the line," Mr. & Mrs. Idiot went up. I guess that meant mentally handicapped, too, because they appeared to be able bodied.
Creepy McThreeteeth kept asking me the time. Then, he said, "What's your sign? Are you a Capricorn?" When I said, No. He waited and stared until I finally said, "Sagittarius." "Oh, a fire sign. I should have known." I showed no interest in why or how he should have known and the conversation died there except for the continuous time check. At the table, the woman checking our names said to Creepy, "Hey you live in my building. You should come over and visit me. I'm very lonely. I live in 517. I'm always home." Ew. Lady, he's gross. No one is THAT lonely.
As I was leaving the poll worker was once again telling folks about the two lines and nearly half the line had no idea whether they were green table or orange, nor did they know how to find out. Am I the only one who reads the booklet?
As I was walking back to my car, a man in a Porsche pulled out of a space, hit a traffic cone and continued to drag it up the street. I called out to him and said, "Sir, you have a cone stuck to your bumper." "I do?" How did he not feel that?

Thank you, Starbucks, for the free coffee. Did everyone else get theirs?


Ellen Bloom said...

There were tons of people in line at the Cochran Avenue Baptist Church in Mid-City. I waited for about an hour, but it wasn't that bad. Everyone was happy and excited. I wrote about it on my blog!

Annika said...

Sam didn't want to go to Starbucks, but I might go later. I wish there was a Ben & Jerry's in walking distance! Free ice cream from 5-8 tonight.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Two hours at Venice & La Brea - and nary a cute cop in sight!! You must have all of them up in Hollyweird. At least, the guys in front and behind me were not creepy, smelly or overly friendly. I brought knitting (which I tinked). Oy. I can NOT concentrate. Good thing I *don't* drink coffee!!

Helena Handbasket said...

Only 2 people in line ahead of me at my polling station so it was painless and fun. But even if it had been arduous I'd have done it anyway!
And yes, everybody did get their free Starbucks because I brewed and served coffee out the wazoo yesterday in my little sexy green apron. I am sorry to report that many people came in demanding "MY free coffee". I had a grand total of 3, count them three, lovely kind well-mannered people smile and tell me how much they appreciated it in the 9 hours that I worked. So thank you, Laurie dear, for saying thank you and you are very welcome. I will happily serve/craft beverages for you anytime.