Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why I (almost) Always Choose PPO

Back in my Tower days, they switched our insurance several times. At every change I always chose the PPO package even though it meant higher deductions. Several co-workers chose the HMO. "It's so cheap!" they exclaimed. My reasons for choosing PPO were simply with my asthma problems, I wanted to ensure that I'd be able to continue seeing my regular doctor who is a pulmonary specialist. Also, my dentist was the best I'd ever experienced. Her name is Sadie and she is sweet and gentle. The folks who chose HMO? Well, Jeff Bellew had an awesome story of the day he lay on the floor after his back went out and they told him he'd have to wait a week to see the doctor. He was all, "I can't mooooove!" (There was more to it, but I always thought that was funny--not for Jeff.) So, that was my mantra "PPO!"
Unfortunately, when I signed up for the dental here, only HMO was offered (they have since offered PPO, but where was I?). Even though I chose a local dentist (Not Sadie, boo), my insurance card came back with the name of a dental office in Santa Ana. All I know about Santa Ana is it's not near here and I didn't choose it. Admittedly, I should have called sooner. The card has been in my purse and I've been meaning to call, but I didn't. When I finally got around to calling, they told me the switch would be effective JANUARY 1st!! Seriously? But I need a dentist now! I spoke with a representative and he spoke to a supervisor who finally was able to override the system or something and now it will be effective December 1st, which is better than January but still not helpful.
I called the dentist office and asked them if they could see me anyway. They could, but it would be at full price. Until my name appears on the list, they can't do anything. I can call on December 2nd for an appointment. Great! They recommended Tylenol. Thanks!
It's actually not as all-out unbearable as it was yesterday. Today it's coming in waves--no pain, little pain, little more pain, Tsunami!, no pain...and so on. A friend came through with the rest of her Vicodin prescription. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

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woolanthropy said...

You need a dentist stat! A whole week with a tooth ache is bad news.

I once was in Hawaii on vacation when all four of my wisdom teeth went on a rampage. It was one hell of a week. I was never so happy as to get back home from vacation and have oral surgery the very next day. I was never so happy to have my teeth pulled in my life.

Be careful on those vicodin. Don't drive under the influence.