Friday, November 14, 2008

Not feeling it

My eyes are still irritated and the air quality isn't helping matters. The boss is out and I'm really trying to focus but finding it fairly impossible. I may just throw in the towel and leave early...only I can't because the boss knows I was late. Rats!

Know the best part of Halloween? Co-workers bringing in leftover candy because they "didn't get any trick-or-treaters this year." (did anyone?) High Ten to the guy in finance who gave out full-sized candy bars (Payday, Almond Joy--it's like he read my mind). Not that I need it, but I surely do enjoy it.

We have TADPOLES!! Did anyone see the episode of "My Name Is Earl" a few weeks ago when Joy was going to disprove evolution? Cracked me up. Anywho, the ants--remember them?--have run their course. Actually, several courses. No one is interested in ants anymore. Enter Planet Frog! Gigi, the science lady, sent away for tadpoles and they arrived today.There are two of them and they were harder to capture on film than Bigfoot. This one here is Bill S. Preston, Esq. You may have guessed that his tank buddy is Ted "Theodore" Logan. The instructions say we should have frogs in two to four weeks. It also says, "some tadpoles may not develop as quickly as others." We call them tardpoles. Stay tuned for more wacky amphibian hi jinks.

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm so exhausted this week for no reason whatsoever. I am going to blame that lousy mid-week holiday for giving me the "it's the weekend again" fake-out.

Sleep tight!

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woolanthropy said...

I am not sure I see a tadpole. Oh yeah, now I see a tadpole. Hmmm, very interesting.