Monday, November 17, 2008

The Dreamlife of Laurie Ann

It started Saturday as a dull pain in the jaw. I chalked it up to sinus pressure due to the smoky air. On Sunday, it became more of a throb, but still bearable with my high pain threshold. By the end of the evening, I was in serious pain with the mother of all toothaches. I tried Motrin, Aleve, and Excedrin. Nothing touched the pain, not even to dull it. I went to bed with my iPod on my ears set to the most pleasant music to try to ease me to sleep. I finally drifted off at 3:30 and had a weird dream about being at a concert with Tami and she was rude to the artist we were there to see.

This morning, I woke up in agony. It was very nearly unbearable but I persevered. By one o'clock, I was near tears. I was at the front desk trying to smile through the pain when a friend came to my mercy and brought me a Vicodin. Just one. The pain--what pain?--subsided but my head went all woozy and my motor skills were non-existent. This is why I don't like taking pain killers. They affect me badly. For the rest of the day, my head felt like it was held on by a rubber band. Boing! It bounced off my right shoulder, stayed upright for a few seconds before dropping to the left. Alas, the pain relief was short-lived and I spent the rest of my day holding my breath and counting the second until I could leave and get to the drugstore for more drugs. Unfortunately, the boss saw fit to keep me there late.

I'm still a little loopy from the Vicodin. At least I'll sleep good tonight.


woolanthropy said...

Oh no. Toothaches are no laughing matter. Get thee to a dentist. Pronto.

Ellen Bloom said...

Yeah....if it's not your sinuses, then maybe it's tooth related. You really should go to the dentist. Dr. Natalie is always right on.